This is a spiritual classic for the 21st century - Luigi Gioia is the Thomas Merton of our time. Soaked in the scriptures and with references to modern novels and plays, the author presents an examination of what contemplative prayer might mean today.

Dr. David Torevell

A book full of compassion, reassurance & the challenge to allow the struggles engendered by modern life to become the bedrock, rather than a stumbling block, to a life of prayer

Gemma Simmonds

Luigi Gioia encourages us to respond to God’s prompting, to face what gets in our way and to follow with child-like trust to explore a new way of being with God: to pray as, and with, Jesus, in freedom and trust.

+ Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury

This book is an ideal companion and study book for Lent but it’s far more than that, it could be a book for life as you return to it again and again as you go deep into your prayer journey

Kath Cope, Reviewer of the Together Magazine, UK

Luigi Gioia writes with great eloquence and from the standpoint of experience. Because it derives from reflection on the New Testament and has such a strong but subtle theological base, Say it to God will be a welcome source of instruction and consolation to many who feel the need to freshen their approach to God and their practice of prayer

Fr. Michael Casey OCSO

Inspiring and insightful book to enrich your interior life. Gioia does a great job making accessible the theology of pray and enriching our relationship with God ...

Gianmarco C.

Luigi Gioia’s book is remarkable not only in its un-put¬downable quality, but also in its absolute insistence on what should be the practical unavoidability of prayer… All this comes alive in a mode of address that is freshly contemporary and as suitable for old as for young readers, for beginners as well as for those in need of reinvigoration in prayer. … We often think of prayer as mere devotion, as something not significant intellectually, especially within the rigours of the university. … Those who 'say it to God' are engaged in an ongoing project of response to divine grace which touches our lives all the way down. For this reason this book is therefore also an important book for debate in the university.

Sarah Coakley, Norris-Hulse Professor of Divinity at Cambridge University

‘When it comes to prayer, keep it simple, keep it short, keep it real.’